SELLA - Professional aluminium single ladder

SELLA - Professional aluminium single ladder - Single ladder with wide rungs
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CODE REGOLAZIONE STEPS* Weigth kg Maximum load capacity kg A cm B cm C cm D cm D1 cm D2 cm E cm F cm G cm H cm HL cm I cm L cm S cm PRICE
S10/E REGOLAZIONE: STEPS:*12 WEIGTH:9 MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY kg: A cm:355 B cm:300 C cm:49 D cm:110 D1 cm: D2 cm: E cm:284 F cm: G cm:260 H cm:175 HL cm: I cm: L cm: S cm: PRICE:€ 214,00vat not included€ 261,00vat included
S14/E REGOLAZIONE: STEPS:*17 WEIGTH:12 MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY kg: A cm:450 B cm:400 C cm:49 D cm:145 D1 cm: D2 cm: E cm:370 F cm: G cm:348 H cm:260 HL cm: I cm: L cm: S cm: PRICE:€ 281,00vat not included€ 343,00vat included
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Single ladder with wide rungs...
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Professional single ladder with wide rungs
  • Available from 12 to 17 rungs
  • Maximum load capacity 150 kg
  • Maximum working height 4 m
  • Produced according to EN 131-1 European standard. It passes the stress test of more than 50.000 EN 131.2 working cycles
  • Tested by the Milan polytechnic, each ladder is provided with the conformity and testing certificate
Resistance, sturdiness and safety
  • The rungs are settled with the aeronautical technology, guaranteed for 10 years
  • Retaining hooks as standard for greater stability and safety
  • Wide uprights made of aluminium. For a more comfortable and safe use, you can add a pair of armrests (code BR/E)
  • Reinforcing bars increasing stability
  • Comfortable non-slip 8cm rungs
  • Convenient and quick to displace