SGA System

Professional stools modular system

SGA System - Professional stools modular system
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SGA System

SGA System - Professional stools modular system
Professional stools modular system

Modular system of professional stools that allows you to switch from the construction of an ordinary stool to that of a ladder with a maximum width of 240 cm.

It develops horizontally and is available with 2, 3 and 4 steps. Sturdy and resistant thanks to the large non-slip knurled aluminum steps, placed in such a way as to guarantee a comfortable and safe ascent, even with one hand busy.

Top level sturdiness and safety, guaranteed by:

  • flanks made with laser processing
  • bracing placed at the rear
  • stabilizing bottom part with support feet made of non-slip material
  • steps made of large-sized press-formed knurled aluminium
  • 110 cm high railings, which make the whole system even safer

The top step has a greater depth so that it can also be considered as a working area, or a convenient transit area for the access to other equipment.

To the standard module you can add:

  • side toeboards both on the top and on the steps
  • side railings
  • front railings
  • 80 mm wheels to facilitate movement, they can be placed both horizontally and laterally

Product in compliance with the EN 14183 standard and with L.D. n.81/08.

SGA System is delivered disassembled in order to make the transport cost cheaper.