Manutenzione imbarcazioni

Configura e richiedi preventivo Scala System

Manutenzione imbarcazioni

To carry out safe repair and maintenance activities on boats, we recommend you to try Faraone products such as scaffoldings, ladders and platforms.

In the photos there are some project examples, on this page you will find other examples of custom configurations.

They are vital for those looking for a reliable and safe product for work at height.

For the health and efficiency of each boat, refitting, storage and maintenance are activities carried out by shipyard operators on the mainland. Although boats, yachts or other vessels are designed to do their best on the water, they need maintenance crucial for the lifespan of the boat and its efficiency.

This anticipates the second important step, necessary to use the hull, that is, to ensure that the work is done in complete safety. The aim of Faraone Spa is to guarantee complete safety when working at height. This is why it is committed to design, manufacture and sell safe, manageable and modular ladders, scaffolding and platforms.