Trabattello speciale Cappella Sistina

Restoration work with Faraone in the Sistine Chapel

Trabattello speciale Cappella Sistina

Restoration work with Faraone in the Sistine Chapel

Caring for and preserving the frescoes in the main chapel of the Apostolic Palace, as well as one of the most famous cultural and artistic treasures of Vatican City, is a continuous and very important activity.

Faraone Industry had to build a structure that would guarantee safety during this activity.

The chapel is very high and the precious frescoes completely cover the vault and the walls.

In 1506, Michelangelo used shelves sticking out from the scaffolding to support a multi-level platform and had to dismantle and reconstruct them frequently.

Today, the restoration work is carried out with special scaffold towers, lighter and at the same time more stable and sturdy, which ensure safety during work at height.

The need

The special structure requested had to reach 19 meters high without anchoring, since the walls could not be drilled not to damage the paintings.

The product

Thus, a Special Top System scaffold tower was build, consisting of:

  • ladders / railings kit that allow the frontal descent, making working at height comfortable and safe
  • 13 cm wide rungs to offer greater resistance and comfort when climbing
  • non-slip wooden worktops and trapholds
To ensure maximum stability and safety, considering the height to reach and the fact that it could not be anchored to the walls, the system was fitted with:
  • Double base
  • Oversized stabilizers
The scaffold tower has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and the various floors allow several people to work simultaneously at different heights.

Faraone and the art

Other interesting examples of important Faraone projects linked to the world of art are the scaffold towers used in the Vatican Museums, in “San Paolo Fuori le mura” and the special platforms created for maintenance work inside theatres.

In the latter case, a feature to emphasize is the ability to use the space between the seats to secure the platform stabilizers. This allows you to work at the maximum height in the center of the stall without particularly cluttered structures.